Tomb Of Bahsi Yahya Efendi

Yildirim Bayezid period saints

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Yahya Efendi is a student of Emir Sultan, son-in-law of Sultan Yıldırım Beyazıd. The real hometown of Yahya Efendi is Gönen district of Balıkesir.

After completing his education in Bursa, Yahya Efendi was sent (as a teacher) to Yıldırım Beyazit Madrasah in Tuzla-i Behramiye, the sanjak center of that period near the Tuzla Village of today’s Ayvacik. Yahya Efendi, who served with 20 akçe per day, was also the central preacher of the sanjak.

For some unknown reason, he left Tuzla district and settled in the village of Yaylacık. He opened up a lodge there. The non-flowing fountain of the lodge and the remains of its small bathhouse are still there. The tomb where Yahya Efendi was built later and belongs to the recent period.

Yahya Efendi’s date of death is Hijri 810, Gregorian 1407/1408.

He studied from well-known teachers. The most well-known ones were deceased Alasehir Sheikh Sinan and Great Lutfullah Effendi and Kadi Beyzavi. It is said that he taught Kadı Beyzâvi’s interpreation of Quran from his memory. He has written many works. His main works are:

– Şerh-u Sirât’ül-İslâm
– Menakîb-ı Emir Sultan
– Envar’ül Kulub
– Menakîb-ı Şeyh Muhammed İbni İsa Akhisarî
– Salihli Acemî
– Makteli İmam-ı Hüseyin
– Divan-ı İlahiyat
– Mevlid-i Nebi

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