Tomb of Ahi Yunus

One of Ezine’s first conquerors

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It is seen that the foundations that belong to Akhi Yunus zawiyah (a small İslamic monastery) in Ezine Pazarı was mentioned in the foundation records of Gazi Süleyman Pasha, the son of Orhan Ghazi. Thanks to this foundation record, we become aware of Akhi Yunus. According to the inscription of Akhi Yunus Tomb, Akhi Yunus was called as “Great Saint Ezine Conqueror”. The date of death was given as 1324 BC by Mufti (a Muslim legal expert). Akhi Yunus, who opened a zawiyah in Ezine, is an Anatolian Eren who has provided great services and great benefits in Turkification and Islamization of Ezine and its vicinity. Suleyman Pasha, the son of Orhan Ghazi, showed great interest and donated all the shops of the Suleyman Pasha Foundation in Ezine Pazarı to Akhi Yunus Zawiyah. The last foundation arrangement concerning Akhi Yunus Zawiyah was made in 1856, and the zawiyah itself is a very important proof showing the reason behind the development of the Ottoman Empire that it attaches great importance to science since the first periods. It has been confirmed in the foundation record that the rental income of all shops in the Ezine center belongs to Akhi Yunus Foundation. Next to the grave of Akhi Yunus, there are graves of his two companions. There is nothing left of Akhi Yunus’ grave and zawiyah, but only the tomb has survived to the present day.

A Jewish neighborhood was established after 1862 on the land behind the Akhi Yunus Tomb. The majority of the inhabitants of this neighborhood emigrated to Israel when It was established in 1948. It is still possible to see several houses remained from that period on the street behind. The Jewish synagogue that survived until recently burned down a few years ago and could not survive to the present day.


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