Sefershah Mosque

One of the oldest mosques of Yildirim Beyazid period

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Sefer Shah Mosque was built by a philanthropist known as Sefer Shah, who lived in the time of Sultan Yildirim Bayezid (16 June 1389 – 20 July 1402). There is Sefer Shah’s grave or maqam in the courtyard of the mosque in the direction of Qibla. It is stated that “Sefer Shah Holiness” on the gravestone and “Sefer Shah is the one who made the mosque built” under the stone. It is thought that Sefer Shah’s grave was in Damascus, and that it was only his maqam.

It is understood that Sefer Shah was an important scholar, diplomat and jurist who was sent to Egypt as an ambassador by Sultan Yildirim Bayezid I. According to sources, his real name is Kadı Zeynüddin Sefer Shah. This person died in Hijri 798 AD 1395/96. The mosque was repaired in Hijri 1267, Gregorian 1850/51. Apart from the mosque, Sefer Shah has a large bathhouse, Quran Prep School and other charitable institutions of unknown quality. However, only mosques and bathhousess have survived to the present day.

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