Practical Informations

Ezine is a famous city with feta cheese in Turkey. You can purchase various and delicious white cheeses carefully produced in various parts of Ezine from boutique vendors located in Ezine’s center and its immediate surroundings. There are cheese tasting centers in all cheese makers that produce and sell in Ezine and its surroundings. Remember, every cheese maker has its own secret formula. I recommend you to taste all of them and buy what you like the most.

The most produced product after white cheese in Ezine and you need to test its taste is olive and olive oil. Like feta cheese, olive oil awaits you to be tasted at the sales centers of the local producers.

Ezine is a city where natural agricultural products are produced and medicinal plants are widely available with its fertile soil. You can buy organic products and medicinal herbs from local vendors in Ezine market, which is set up every Monday, or in the surrounding villages.

Apart from these, meatballs are among the most common fastfood foods in Ezine center and Geyikli. You can definitely try the restaurants that serve traditional Turkish food. You can also try fish and seafood freshly caught in the seaside of Ezine, according to the season.

While you’re in Ezine, don’t forget to ask for olive oil with thyme and Ezine cheese on the side of any restaurant on the beach. Also, do not pass without eating the freshly caught fishing line.

Another famous product of Ezine is its meatballs and meat. The main reason why Ezine Cheese and meats are delicious is that the geography surrounding Ezine has a rich flora. In this respect, you can experience meatballs and meatballs in Ezine and its surroundings. Especially if you come in the spring season, you can have the opportunity to taste the baked goat in some local restaurants.

People of Ezine

Ezine people are generally friendly, helpful and hospitable. You can safely visit Ezine, a modern Republic town, day and night, and have a good time. Ezine people are used to seeing and hosting tourists. Thus, you will not feel unfamiliar and you will get used to the friendly Ezine people in a short time.

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