Kestanbol Thermal Springs

A panacea spa including psoriasis

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Kestampolis (Old Istanbul), as it used to be called, is the present-day state of the ancient thermal springs of Alexandria-Troas. It is located next to the bathhouses of the ancient city at the end of a large hot spring basin.

The outlet temperature of the spring water supplying the hot spring is 78°C. It is balanced as 72°C at the spa facilities and surface. The first researches about thermal waters were made in 1745. However, the most comprehensive and up-to-date report was prepared in 1894 by Adolphe Carnot, a Mining Engineer, and Professor Armand Gauthier (born 1837 – Death 1920) from the French Academy of Sciences. According to these studies, 22.527 gram / liter mineral and 35-40/liter eman radioactive material were found in water. In the 1970s, similar results emerged in the studies of the scientists of Istanbul University.

According to these results, Kestanbol Hot Spring is very useful for the treatment of many diseases such as rheumatism, asthma, psora and various skin diseases and has high quality water above the world average. Due to the fact that the surrounding area is generally a protected area and lack of magnificent facilities, it is a hidden treasure that is not known much.

The spa waters have been famous since ancient times. This fame is based on an important legendary event. It is based on an extraordinary event that St. Paul, who is considered one of the disciples of Jesus (AS), showed in Alexandria-Troas. St. Paul came to Alexandria-Troas from Antakya several times in order to spread Christianity, the true religion of the period. In 52 AD, to spread Christianity to Europe, St. Paul was planning to pass to Europe with a ship so he went to Alexandria-Troas, the bridge city of Europe and Asia. But it was heard that St. Paul was in the city. The public expected him to give a speech. As described in the Bible, when St. Paul began to address the people to preach Christianity, a child named Eutychus, who went to the window to listen to him, fell and died. According to a rumor, St. Paul took the body of the child and washed it in Kestanbol spa waters. Another rumor says that Saint Paul prayed to the child by wrapping his arms around him and the child was revived. The people who saw this believed in him and became a Christian. Thus, Alexandria-Troas became the first Christian city. It is believed that one of the first churches of Christianity was built in the city or a building was converted into a church. After this event, the waters of Alexandria-Troas or Kestanbol Hot Springs gained great fame. It is said that many rulers and statesmen sought a cure in these healing waters, from Constantine the Great, who thought of making the City the capital of the new Roman Empire and is the first Christian Roman Emperor and the founder of Istanbul, to Fatih and Sultan Suleyman. The entrance and the surrounding area of the spa facility is surrounded by the ruins of more than 40 old spa bathhouses from ancient age to the Ottoman period.


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