Kemalli Asilhan Bey Bathhouse

Old Turkish bath of the same age with Ottoman History

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100 – 150 meters away from the mansion and a little below, Kemal Begh bathhouse is seen. As it is understood from the writing on the inscription which was removed and taken to the mosque, saying: “Kemal built this in Hijri 755”, the bath was built in 1354

It is very important both in terms of being an early period Ottoman work and being a rare work belonging to the period of Orhan Gazi.

As the building plan of the bath, it consists of hot, cold, and warm parts and two private rooms. The biggest part is cold room. Measuring 5.48 meters to 5.36 meters, the bathhouse is still standing and usable, and in this regard, is a very rare structure that has survived to the present day among the early Ottoman artifacts. The bathhouse is located across the mansion, and there is a historical fountain next to it. It is known that there was a spring next to it when it was first built and reformed by Kemal Begh.

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