Ince Minaret Mosque

Ottoman Mosque from the IV.Murad period

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The mosque does not have an inscription for its construction, but it is thought to have been built during the reign of Sultan Murad IV (Reign: 10 September 1623 – 8 February 1640) for the first time. Its curtilages served as a Qur’an prep school for many years

The reason for the construction of the Ince Minaret Mosque is just the same as the construction of the Sefer Şah Mosque. As the city grew, the mosque, which is smaller than the Friday mosque, was built to prevent Muslims from getting tired for the daily prayers. It is also important in terms of showing how far the western border of Ezine reached during the Ottoman period. Opposite there is a fountain, which was understood to have been built in the same period.

It is understood from the trace of constructions around that there were other buildings of the mosque, but they disappeared over time. The mosque is surrounded by narrow, old Turkish streets. All streets lead to the mosque.

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