How to get to Ezine?

If You Come to Ezine by Boat from the West or Aegean Side

If you plan to visit Ezine while making a tour of the Aegean with your boat, my advice is to anchor your boat to Geyikli or Odunluk Pier. If you have brought a motorcycle or any other land vehicle with you, then Geyikli Pier is a good choice for going ashore.

From here you can go south towards Dalyan and Dalyan Antique Harbor and visit them. Later,Alexandria-Troas ,Heredos Atticus Bath, Kestanbol Hot Springs,Tavakli Pier and other places around will be waiting for your visit.

If you go north from Geyikli Pier, you will have the opportunity to visit Çamoba Beach, Kumburun, Taşkapı, Papaz Beach and Yeniköy coast. If you have time, you should visit the Algerian Hasan Paşa Mansion, the ancient city of Troy and the Troia Museum.

If You Come To Ezine By North, South Or Highways

First you can come to Ezine and visit the city center. Afterwards, you can start by visiting one of the guide locations from north to south, south to north or east to west. When you come to Ezine, I would like to list the places that I would recommend not to go without seeing. A pleasant journey from north to south will provide you with an enjoyable trip from sunrise to sunset. In this respect, you can visit the Algerian Hasan Paşa Mansion, Yeniköy and Papaz Beach in the north. On your way to the south you will find beautiful beaches and historical sites. Among the historical sites, we recommend you not to go without seeing, Alexandria-Troas and Dalyan Antique Harbor, Kemallı Village, Yahya Çavuş Village and Ancient Columns, Kestanbol Hot Springs and Neandria city.

Places that may interest you

Yahya Cavus Village and Ancient Columns
Ezineli Yahya Cavus Village and Ancient Columns

Alexandria Troas
World's First Metropolis, Old Istanbul

Ancient City with Trade and Horse

Dalyan Ancient Harbour
The port that connects East and West

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