From ancient places to beaches, from the famous Ezine Cheese to flavor stops, Ezine Travel Guide for everything about Ezine. Have a nice trip.

Ezine History

Ezine, located at the crossroads of history and legends, at the western end of Anatolia, is a charming city that must be seen with its gourmet delicacies, especially cheese, natural beauties, historical and touristic places.


Every must-see place, from ancient buildings to historical sites, is waiting to be discovered.

Grand Mosque

Grand Mosque

First period one of the oldest mosques of the Ottomans


From the famous Ezine Cheese to milk jam, olive and olive oil everything you are looking for. Ezine’s shopping points.

Flavor Points

Discover Ezine’s most delicious food restaurants.

Ezine Öğretmenevi

Güntepe Restaurant

Yanmazlar Et Restaurant

Abdullah Usta Lokantası


The places you will enjoy in Ezine

Ezine Öğretmenevi

Oruçoğlu Geyikli Resort Otel

Geyikli Troya Hotel

Troas Beach

Plan Your Trip

For those who are ready to discover Ezine but want to get an idea for a vacation plan…

How to get to Ezine?

Nearby Places

Practical Informatıons


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