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Heirloom of Geyikli Baba, Eyvah Eyvah film’s place

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Geyikli is an old Turkish settlement rumored to have been founded by Geyikli Baba. Geyikli Baba, whose tomb is located in Bursa, is one of the saints who was thought to have lived between 1275 and 1350 in the time of Orkhan Ghazi. It has been stated in many Ottoman sources from Aşıkpaşazade to Hoca Saadeddin’s “Tacüt Tevarihi”, from Taşköprülüzade’s “Şakayık-ı Numaniyesi” to Kâmus-ul A’lâm that he was a person who had planted the great plane tree, symbolizing the foundation of the Ottoman Empire, raised many students during the time of Orhan Gazi and personally participated in the conquests and gave moral support to the soldiers. According to the rumors, it was stated that during the war, he participated in battles, with a huge Bozgeyik (a Grizzly Deer) and his students, and put fear in enemies’ hearts. Because of his extraordinary state he was called Geyikli Baba (Father with a Deer). It is rumored that he came to the conquest of Bursa with this giant deer and put fear in the enemy’s heart. Rumors says that Geyikli Baba, who is said to have participated in the conquest of Geyikli and its vicinity with his grizzly deer and his students, established a dergah (an Islamic monastery) for Geyikli after the defeat of the Byzantines in the region

Just off Geyikli, on his secondary road to the village of Kemallı is his maqam. It is presumed that the person buried there was from the Geyikli Baba lodge. The name Geyikli can also be seen in Piri Reis’s Kitab-ı Bahriye and Anatolian cadastral record boks dated 1530. Therefore, it is understood that Geyikli was one of the early Ottoman settlements. Unfortunately, in Geyikli, which still appeared to be as a town of Ezine in 1530s, not much original works except a bathhouse and a few stone houses survived to the present day from the Ottoman period.

A little advice for Geyikli: Geyikli’s bread, which is sold next to the Ottoman bath, is very famous. I also think that olive oil in various parts of the town will appeal to your appetite.

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