Dalyan Ancient Harbour

The port that connects East and West

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Dalyan is a harbour which has been used since the Ottoman period. Dalyan, which was one of the harbours where ships wishing to enter the Dardanelles waited for suitable winds during the Ottoman period, was also a good haven for the people engaged in fishing in the region. The harbor, where abundant and fresh fish were hunted, is used in the same way today as well. Sit here under one of the trees by the sea and enjoy the wind blowing even on the hottest day. Did you crave fish? Enter one of the local fishermen around, select your fish, but make sure you bargain first. Then enjoy yourself.

On the beach between the ancient harbour on the left side of the fishing harbor and the current harbor, enjoy the clear and clean sea and sun with the view of Bozcaada on one side and that of Ancient port on the other side.

Ancient Harbour

You can also reach the harbor by following the beach. If you plan to climb by the car and take a few photos from the height, a road goes up from the left when you face to the last row fisherman in the pier square. Follow this path, and after 20 meters you will see a separation of soil on your right. After this separation, when you continue with your vehicle, you come in front of the old gendarmerie station. My advice to you is to take your loved one(s) and watch the unique view of the sunset here. On the left you will see the inner harbor of the ancient port filled with sand.

The harbor is so beautifully filled that it looks like a heart from a distance. Imagine, Bozcaada is in front of you while the sunset, a reflection of the heart is on your left that the sun shines on, I don’t know what else to say?

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Dalyan Ancient Harbour
The port that connects East and West

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