Algerian Hasan Pasha Mansion

Navy Hero Admiral who made the lion a friend

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Since he grew up in Telemsan, Algeria, known as Ottoman West Front, he was named as “Algerian”, and since he was strong, a nickname of “palabıyık” (handlebar moustache) was given to him. He is said to be the one everyone was afraid of because he carried a lion with him that he had tamed.

Hasan Pasha rose in the rank of captain of galleon in 1761, captain of the third ship in navy (riyale) in 1762, the captain of the second ship (patrona) in 1766 and the captain of the first ship (kapudane) in 1767. On July 6, 1770, after the Russian raid on Çeşme with the help of the British, he set out with his ship to stop the Russians who were planning to march to the Dardanelles and attack Istanbul. He put the defense of Dardanelles Strait on alert before the Russians arrived and managed to expel the Russians in front of the Dardanelles with a strong defense.

Count Alexy Orlov, Admiral of the Russian Navy, and British Admiral Elphinston, the chief of staff of the Navy, first decided to seize the island of Limnos as a base for attacking the Dardanelles. (As it-can be remembered right away, during the Battle of Dardanelles in 1915, the British and the French occupied the island of Limnos and used the port of Mondros as a base of operation before attacking the Dardanelles.) Help to Limni resisting to 3.5-month siege of the Russian navy, was no longer delayed. Hasan Pasha, was risen to the rank of beylerbeyi because of his achievements. He succeeded in expelling the Russians from both Limnos and the Aegean Sea as the first think after he was promoted to the rank of Kaptan-ı-Derya on October 22, 1770, which means Admiral of the Ottoman Navy.

Hasan Pasha, who knows that the only way to correct the situation in which the Turkish navy fell, was through education, established the Naval Academy and the Naval Engineering Faculty (Mühendishane-yi Barh-i Hümayun) in 1773.

In 1775, he suppressed the rebellions in Palestine, and in 1775 he took Akka back. In 1786, he suppressed the rebellions against the Ottoman Empire in Egypt and reintegrated these provinces to the Ottoman Empire. In 1787, he won the Snake Island war against the Russian-Austrian alliance against the Ottoman Empire. In 1788, he defeated the Russians in front of the İsmail castle. In 1789, he managed to defeat the Russian navy in the Black Sea. Upon these achievements, Sultan Selim III appointed him as Grand Vizier. He continued his successes against Russia, and after 3.5 months he died of illness or poisoning (March 19, 1790).

In addition to being a successful sailor and statesman, Hasan Pasha was a great philanthropist. He had a mosque, a bathhouse and three fountains built in Vize and solved the droughtness on Lesbos Island by bringing water and making a fountain. He had a Pasha mansion and a large marble pool built at the center of Lesbos Island, and fountains were built in the islands of Limnos, Chios and Kos. The galleon barracks which he built in Istanbul shipyard is one of the many charitable works he has inherited.

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